Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An Inconvenient Sequel - Truth To Power

Hi Everyone...

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power will be in select theaters July 28th. Check out the Official Trailer above.

Thurs: FB Live - Climate Activists

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Here is video of the Opening Remarks today at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps in Seattle. Thursday, June 29th at 3:45pm (Central) Al Gore will be interviewing Climate Activists Live on Facebook.

Earth Live: Sun Jul 9th

Hi Everyone...

Well I'm excited! Sunday July 9th 7pm (central) National Geographic is going to broadcast "Earth Live." Check out the Video above!!!

Would You Rent Baby Clothes?

Hi Everyone...

Now I know many of you may keep your baby clothes for your future kids and that is great, but what happens to their clothes when they may be the last one to wear them? And what if they are fairly new clothes? Do you give them to relatives? Do you sell in a garage sale? Do you sell in a resale shop? How many new clothes have you bought or has someone else bought your children?

In Copenhagen Vigga & Peter Svensson came up with the idea of renting baby clothes, their company is  called Vigga. Now I'm sure you have heard of those services where you can rent or buy boxes of clothes...like Stitch Fix and others, well this is the idea but for babies. Check out this video and hear Vigga talk about her Sustainable Baby Clothes business.  It is a great idea, as this video states, "globally only 20% of clothing is recycled or reused." The price is pretty awesome too with 16 items costing $55. What do you think, would you rent baby clothes? Do you know of any companies like this in the US?