Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cigarette Butts #1 Ocean Trash!

Hi Everyone...

I was shocked too! I thought some type of plastics but turns out it is Cigarette Butts which account for the most Ocean Trash! This article discusses responses from a focus group on why people flick their butts and what is actually in cigarette butts which are so harmful! Check it out!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Norway Recycles 97%!

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Check this article out on how Norway is getting 97% of their plastic bottles recycled!!! I remember when I was a kid we would bring back glass bottles for a deposit refund. I know of one dairy company that does it now. This link also has a AWESOME 9 min video on other birds which are dying due to plastics and a researcher talking about POP chemicals.

Sustainable Gym Shoes

Hi Everyone...

Reebok just created gym shoes with soles made of corn! There is also a link in this article on Adidas making their shoes from Ocean Plastic! :-) Also, don't forget you can take your shoes to most running shoe stores and they will recycle them! :-)

Don't Flush Your Contacts!

Hi Everyone...

Do you wear disposable contact lenses? Do you flush them in the toilet or throw them down the drain? If you do they turn into microplastics which are harming the environment! Throw them in the trash instead! Check out this article for more details.

Football Uniforms Made from EcoNyl

Hi Everyone...

Check out these football uniforms made out of trash from the Ocean! The make the trash into EcoNyl! :-)

Plastic out of old Coffee Grounds!

Hi Everyone...

This is an AWESOME idea of making plastic out of old coffee grounds! Check it out!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Plastic Recycling Machine for Home

Hi Everyone...

Well this is pretty cool. It really just looks like a shredder that can handle plastic but then you need other machines to melt it and shape & form to what you might like to make. Overall, it does look like a great idea to create new things with recycled plastic and then if they became a problem you just recycle them again. :-) It could give many people a new business and if we had our society (us, restaurants, tiles for floors etc) using recycled plastic it could help with our plastic problem.