Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blue Mind Live Online Book Club Discussion

I wanted to make you aware that Dr. Wallace J. Nichols is starting the Blue Mind Online Live Book Club. Chapter 1 started this past Monday but you can catch up real fast even if you do not or cannot get a book quickly. 

First, Dr. Nichols is reading a few pages each night via Facebook. 8pm CST.

Here are the first two night's links:

Of course those are there now for you to listen to and only about 20 min a piece. What is great is he discussing it a bit along the way. :-) If you "follow" the page then you will get announcements each night when he is starting for that night.

Second, Radio Hatteras is also streaming the audiobook each evening at 6pm and 12am CST.

Then each Sunday at 8pm go to his Facebook page and he will be live for discussion for that week's chapter. 

Looks like over 250 people so far. Here is a link to Dr. Nichols discussing the Online Live Book Club Discussion.